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Hi, looking to use drones in the film industry.  

Hoping it will add to resume when applying for internships and jobs.  Maybe start own business one day.  Researching which one to buy (would like 4K).

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Inspire 2 if that’s out of your price for starters go with Mavic Pro 


you can compare a video I shot with the mavic here. 

or a video i shot with an Inspire 1 using the X3 camera  and a Sony a6300 for ground shots 




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Film industry is a pretty broad term.  Drones/aerial is a very small percentage of overall production. There will be a very small percentage of drone operators who have the opportunity to transition to being an “aerial DP.”  Most people shooting aerial for the film industry are already DP’s, aerial cinematographers and AD’s that learned to add drones to their toolset.  

If your aspiring to be an independent film producer then which drone you use doesn’t really matter.  You can tell a story as well with a MAVIC  as you can with an Alta8.  The influencing factor there is your deliverable, YouTube, broadcast, or cinema (theater). 

It really depends on what part of the industry your interested in and chances are it has little or nothing to do with film...


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