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Where is the commercial inspection work happening? I'm a Robotic, POV, Camera Op with seventeen years shooting motor-sports, Reality TV, Documentary & Live Performance. Recently, passed the Part 107 (Remote Pilot) exam and now I'm looking to change career direction flying and mapping in the commercial inspection area.


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Welcome to the forum.

ALL of the industrial inspection work we're doing is autonomous. It really depends on the deliverable to the customer on how the inspection is accomplished.  Our customers require DEM, 3D point clouds, 3D models which require precise overlap that is next to impossible to accomplish dumb thumbing it.  These can be considered more of a survey.

There are inspections, either video or stills that would be difficult to automate that the only way to accomplish them is with someone operating the gimbal to acquire the data.  

Neither approach is better than the other they are just different.  


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