AMA needs help to protect section 336

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If you are an AMA member then you should have received an email requesting help to stop congress from repealing section 336 which enables RC model hobbyists to fly under community safety rules.

My understanding is that if we no longer have section 336 then all RC model aircraft hobbyists would need to have part 107 certification and since you have to be at least 16 years old to take the test what happens to all those kids that participate in the hobby ?.

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Bruce’s rants should be required “reading.”  He tends to ramble but the way he articulated issues is informative, mostly factual and entertaining. 

I agree that the AMA has become a feckless organization and that large companies are doing all they can to regulate out competition.  This is nothing new, this sort of thing has been done for decades.  But when it effected things people really cared about citizens formed Political Action Committees (PAC’s) and trade organizations to protect our civil liberties. AOPA is a good example.  

Drones have changed the landscape and in an effort to “keep things the way they were” the once effective AMA has become a part of the problem, not the solution. 

I fear that hobbyist and commercial sUAS will continue to rely on the AMA and the “fake” 107 to the point where large companies like DJI/AirMap and the other alphabet organizations will regulate ALL of us out of existence.  I think Bruce makes some great points and if people want to have the freedom to fly for the enjoyment of flying and want the right to earn a living with sUAS then they need to organize.  

Unfortunately most of the people who read this or listen to Bruce will think it’s a conspiracy theory or that you “can’t fight city hall” and won’t want to be associated with it or help.  


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6 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

I agree that the AMA has become a feckless organization and that large companies are doing all they can to regulate out competition.

Its a shame that the AMA doesn't provide the same influence as the NRA does for gun owners. Anyway for what good it will do I did sign the petition to not repeal section 336 as I figured to do something is better than do nothing.

If the law is changed I can't see all RC Model hobbyists having to obtain part 107 but maybe they will be exempt providing they stick to flying at AMA designated club fields and any recreational flying outside of those areas will require part 107 certification. Not good though for the under 16 year old who wants to fly FPV in their local park or take aerial video at the beach.

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Its really not good for anyone.  

Emerson, Lake and Palmer did this great song about the commercialization of Christmas and there's a line "the Christmas we get we deserve."  

The same things is happening in here.  People want to bury their heads in the sand and leave the regulations to bureaucrats that have little if any real world experience, politicians who are simply trying to sell books, "community based organizations" who have outlived their usefulness and drone manufacturers who are trying to regulate out competition. 

Even people engaged on forums like this don't want to talk about it, or they want to justify the slow failure of rule 107 as though its someone else's problem.  You have to give Bruce credit for at least speaking out about it.  

The drone industry we get, we deserve.   

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