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recording soccer and other sports

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i am looking to record soccer games for professional (and other) team and clubs and am looking for the opinions as to best gear for the job

Flight time is a real concern as passages of play can run over 45 minutes without a break to switch batteries and weather conditions (wind, rain, etc)


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Where are you located?  Probably the best way to accomplish this would be with a tethered drone.  Couldn't follow the action up and down the sidelines unless the tether was on a golf cart.  

Legally I doubt you'd get authorization to fly a drone at a sporting event in the US anyway..

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We're getting a lot of Australians signing up.  I'm in California but I'm from Geelong.

Tethers are more difficult and way ,ore expensive than people think.

This tether is $8K USD --

There's another tether from France that costs approximately $17K USD.  We setup a system for our local college's football team to operate from a golf cart.

Here's a video of team practice, the aerial doesn't start until their in pads and none of it was tethered, but this was what convinced them to try using a tethered drone.  In The US every practice is divided into five minute blocks of time so the drone has to be able to move from one drill to the next efficiently so you can't land and relaunch.  This is harder than you think becuase the drone has to follow the golf cart very accurately.  But once we got the follow aspect working well it makes a great system.

Hope you like Montrose... 

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