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Anyone interested in drone delivery?

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Hey guys, 

There has been lots of interest and potential in the drone delivery market. Over the past year, drone regulation starts to catch up; and we are expecting to see the first commercial drone delivery licence in the US in coming weeks. However, we feel that the lack of infrastructure is still a major blocker for this industry to really take off. As you all know, drone with payload cannot fly very far, and cannot fly very long. 

Our company is developing a ground station that would exchange battery and extend signal range. We are looking for partners who are interested in doing drone delivery to be our beta tester.

Regardless whether you are an individual drone pilot/ established drone operator that's currently doing photography service /delivery, if you are interested in the idea, we would love to hear from you.  (not limited to US).

Feel free to drop me an email and we will take it from there.







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6 hours ago, Donna Eastman said:

You directly from vodafone?

Nope ? we are a startup in the Bay Area. 

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You bring up a couple comments that I think are worth discussing, the notion that drone regulations are catching up and you expect the FAA to authorize drone delivery in a couple of weeks, well that leads me to believe you have a great sense of humor.  Especially when you consider it can take six months to get a airspace authorization for things that are already legal.  

I don’t recall the company, I think it may have been BP who recieved a 333 exemption to fly ONE drone beyond line of sight BLOS to inspect a pipeline in Alaska over four years ago.  Since then there’s been countless reports, ARC committees, and a few companies granted a waiver to test with but I don’t believe flying BLOS is that much closer today than it was four years ago.  

I appreciate your optimism but I think package delivery is at least a decade away, why the BBC would suggest its inevitable in a matter of weeks is irresponsible.  [i did not, watch the entire video].  

Fortunately the problem your off to solve has more applicability than just delivering packages or even flying BLOS.  There’s a need for industrial and infrastructure inspection and there’s already quite a few companies focused on that market segment. Although the ones I’ve seen are ridiculously expensive and impractical.

If your solution is aimed at turning toy drones into little flying fedex trucks then it’s hard to imagine a model where you make money.   Besides, DJI will let you take the arrows and then just rip you off if it shows any potential for profit and then ruin any chance for a real solution!  

Good luck with your startup and let us know how it’s going, aside from the sarcasm I’m always interested in what others are trying and how it’s going..


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