Local Drone Laws by U.S. State / Country

Alan Perlman

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Hi all, we're doing our best to track local drone laws by U.S. state and by country and wanted to share the link here to make it easy for anyone to find / comment on laws we might be missing:


Hat tip to power-member @Steve Bennett for the original forum post back in 2017 or so that got me thinking about doing our own directory of local drone laws instead of relying on, let's just say more sub-par sources of information :)

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Did I read that correctly?  Alan is saying that @Steve Bennett is a sub-par source of information?  

Just kidding.  I know, jokes are meant to be funny. This is really cool!  It would be EXTRMELY cool if I were an attorney and I could geek out on it.  But since I’m not and don’t understand half of it, it just REALLY cool.  

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Hi Alan,

I am not to sure if I read your opening post correctly. Are you wanting drone laws in the US by state - and do you call them COUNTIES - as in the UK - or are you looking for drone laws per COUNTRY.

Not that there are going to be many visitors from the States visiting Zimbabwe, but I can give you the laws as are now almost legislated in Zimbabwe.

Do I post them here on the forum or do I send you as separate email with the document??

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Hi @Tony Blanchard,

Our 'Drone Laws' Directory contains the drone laws for all states within the United States and we also have a page for every country. 

For example, here is our 'Drone Laws' page for Zimbabwe:


If you have any additional information to send, please feel free to send it to chase@uavcoach.com 


 - Chase  

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Appreciate what you're doing here and don't mean to sound ungrateful, but the picture on your Kansas page is not from Kansas.  It's about a mile into Missouri from the Kansas border.  (Great picture though -- it's also about 20 feet away from being taken from an unflyable area due to the downtown airport).

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