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Dear all,

Our group does battery research, specifically fast charging batteries and accurate state estimation, i.e, state of charge, time remaining etc. Drones are an interesting application, along with other EVs and consumer electronics like cell phones etc. We need suggestions  for a drone that:

  1. Allows a flexible sized battery pack - This is our most crucial requirement. Most drones have a small, fixed sized battery pack that it works with. We want to have a drone that allows custom, multiple sized, shaped packs. Ex: DJI Matrice 100 . As per my understanding, the battery pack is velcroed in place, allowing for flexibility in battery pack sizing and shape. However, this drone is super costly, huge and a sword when we need a needle. Another worthy alternative we considered is: the Intel Aero Ready to fly drone, however, the battery pack size is very small (50x36x150). Looks like Qualcomm drone developer kit has a similar problem and parts are out of stock for a long time.  We might need something like 150x150bx400mm to house our packs.
  2. Cheap (<= $2000)
  3. Light (<= 10 pounds)
  4. Easy to assemble/disassemble (so that we can showcase it in expos, conferences etc.)

Any suggestion or guidance would be appreciated.



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Hi there,

Grepow specializes in custom, semi-customized and spot drone batteries. Design and manufacture custom-made batteries and cells for the specific needs, from chemistry to structural design to protection systems. Our tattu battery series is designed for professional applications of industrial class UAVs and drones. A superior battery management system (BMS) intelligently manages batteries and extends battery life. Grepow offers one-stop service and fully integrated battery solutions to meet specific needs.

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