6 Seconds to Mid-AIR - REAL drone encounters

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REAL Drone Close Encounters - This video demonstrates how difficult it is for both Pilots and drone operators to see each other when operating in the same airspace.  This is a well planned and thoroughly briefed exercise that was 3 months in the making. Main takeaways for drone operators are: stay below 400ftAGL and keep a sharp ear out for nearby aircraft. Radio watch is also worthwhile, even when not around airports. Check out the video.Close Encounters

Also, if you're seeing this from Transport Canada, The real pilots here are qualified for formation flying. Flight Safety and Mission Planning by me, David Cooke.

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Sorry, I only watched the first half so as is often the case my opinion is half baked..

I agree with your comment about the takeaway of this video and am adding to it; if everyone follows the rules and pays attention the likelyhood of a midair collision is very low.  

It’s certainly unnerving not being able to see a drone in the facinity of an aircraft.  Keep in mind that this happens all the time.  While VFR flight following I’m often given reports of where an aircraft is in relation to my position and not able to spot them.  And that’s when I know where and when the other aircraft is close to the same altitude as me.  ATC doesn’t generally report traffic that is more than about two thousand feet above or below.

Planes pass within 500 feet of each other all the time, the system is designed for that.  Yet if a drone is seen within 500ft of an aircraft people perceive it as a near miss.  Many of the ATP’s I’ve spoken with that have claimed to have seen a drone on an approach are largely against drones because they don’t believe they should be there in the first place. Depending on the circumstance, the drone probably should’t be there, but if it’s legally in the airspace it shouldn’t be reported as a near miss either.  

It would be great if all aircraft could see each other but that just isn’t the reality of it.  

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