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OK, so I have my Part 107 certificate and I have the Drone Pilot Ground School certificate, I must be finished with UAV Coach, right?

Not so fast.  I just finished the last of the BONUS interviews that are provided as part of the Drone Pilot Ground School.  The information there is really incredible!  There is a goldmine of knowledge and information in those interviews.  So, for anyone who is taking this course or has completed the course and obtained their Part 107 certification, I think it is very important that you finish the course and listen to each one of the interviews.  I've listed them here even though they are clearly marked at the end of the course lecture listings.

Ask a Drone Lawyer: Key Legal Considerations for Starting a Drone Business (32:26)

Using Drones To Do Real Estate Marketing

Understanding Drone Liability & Hull Insurance (22:27)

Transitioning From Part-TIme to Full-Time Professional Aerial Services

Running a Commercial Drone Program With Skyward (38:49)


These are an important part of any drone pilot's education.  Take advantage of them.

The resources chosen to participate are top-notch indviduals as well.  They know their business and they know what you will encounter in yours.

Stan Nickel


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@NickStan you make an interesting point.  It never occurred to me that even though UAVCoach forum is affiliated with the class that people might think of this forum strictly in context of the Part107 exam.  I've thought about it more as the forum users should go to figure out how to apply their 107..

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I bounced into a couple of the add-on courses while working through the course.  It helped to give me a break while still taking advantage of my over-eagerness to learn.  

The extras really are helpful as I try to figure all this out (and how to make a successful go of it)


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