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Hi Y’all.  Sean from Rockwall, TX joining up.  My lovely wife made the grave mistake of getting my first drone for my Christmas birthday, and  now I’m going to have to attend meetings for my new addiction.  I’m 55% completed with Drone Pilot Ground School, and really enjoying and impressed with the course.  This stuff is so much fun and the technology is crazy amazing.  Love flying and learning.

I’m not sure I’ll make it till December before I invest in the Phantom 4...



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What do you have now?  

My wife has a rule, I can spend all the money I want on drones as long as I can make enough money with the drone to pay for it.  That’s actually how I started my business.  I started selling a couple of quads a week for about $1500 each and a couple hundred drones later now I sell drones for as much as $45000 each.  

It’s certianly something that is addicting. 

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DJI Spark.  A diabolical plan by DJI to create addiction, a gateway drone that will lead me to spending $45000 someday.  It’s just too much fun to fly and get some skills (while not risking too much cash).

Like many, I tend to dive way deep into my hobbies and think maybe this one could work out to more than a hobby.  I may be a few years late, but hopeful I can catch up quickly.

My wife is awesome, and totally surprised me with this.

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