LAANC - is it working for you?

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On 5/25/2018 at 4:45 PM, Ed O'Grady said:

Just wondering, for those who live in areas where LAANC has gone live, how is it working?  Are you getting the instant airspace authorizations, as advertised?  Really would love to hear some first hand accounts.

LAANC works great if you are serviced by an FAA controlled tower. If, however, you are serviced by an FAA contract tower, not so great. Around half of the towers in the greater DFW area fall under the FAA contract tower category. All of those towers chose not to participate in LAANC "at this time". So it is still business as usual for a lot of us. At least the major airports (DFW, Dallas Love, Alliance, Mecham) are opening up their airspace a lot quicker. If only I flew there...

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8 minutes ago, Ed O'Grady said:

That's interesting @R Martin.  I wan't aware that the contract towers "opted out" so to speak.  The 2 airports in my area are both non-towered so I'm hoping that bodes well.  We go live in July. Thanks for the info.

This is a list of federal contract towers:

They may or may not be participating in LAANC. Best way to find out is to contact the airport manager/tower supervisor and find out from your local operator.

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9 minutes ago, Ed O'Grady said:

Sure enough - the 6 Contract Towers listed for Georgia are not part of LAANC list. 

So the next question in the chain becomes how is this going to affect the issuing of certificates of authorization? In theory it should speed the process up somewhat because of a reduced volume of requests. I have two COAs that are expiring the end of the June and have submitted my paperwork for renewal at the beginning of April. If I haven't heard anything by the 8th I'll give my rep a call and find out what the status is.

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3 hours ago, Ed O'Grady said:

Crazy government system - when you click the link, it will download another link and when you click that, you will see the announcement.


Not only that, its a free webinar and they restrict it to 1000 people, not even a 1000 down sites where you could have many people attending.  Obviously they're mostly sold out.  

Add to that they're taking four months to disseminate probably four hours of information.    

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So, LAANC is supposed to be live today in So Cal. I went to see if it would work so I logged into my Skyward account to try and request an authorization. I got a note that ATC has temporarily disabled LAANC requests in my area (tried two different airports in 2 different counties OC/LA). I hope its just growing pains and will open up tomorrow....


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I just completed my second flight via the LAANC system using skyward to complete the request both times. It was seamless. Will be doing third flight next weekend and already have the approval so it will be 3 after that. First 2 were in KEMT airspace, next weekend will be KSNA. I haven’t tried KLAX airspace yet. 

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