for all pilots with declining short sightedness

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Here is what some of our elder pilots (me inclusive) might consider a GREAT product to have for summer flying, affordable safety rated sunglasses with reading lens inserts!

I thought that I died and went to heaven yesterday when I attended one of our local hardware stores and found similar items for around $10 on the rack. Well I immediately bought a pair as I was becoming used to placing a set of safety glasses on and in front of my prescription glasses. I bought a smoke colored pair off the rack to see if I would be able to read my display in sunlight and yes I could. We all know that some polarized sunglasses can make a display appear irridescent, but the first pair did not, so I bought thes off of Amazon to see if they also would allow for clear reading of my displays. I currently own a CS Ultra Bright, ASUS S3 10in, and an iPAD 6th gen 9.7 model 1954. My testing has begun and I will be sharing additional read ability opinions on these glasses and screen read ability going forward.

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