Han John Tse

Drone Pilot from Hartford, Connecticut

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I have been flying and building custom drones for over 4 years, with the past year as a Licensed Pat 107 commercial pilot. Located in Wethersfield, I have mainly focused on aerial photography http://hanjohn.com/aerials and drone repairs https://repairadrone.com/, but my team and I are developing a drone swarm with our combined extensive experience in photogrammetry, cloud computing, and drone design. We have presented on a number of occasions about drones and will also be attending Interdrone 2018, hope to see some fellow community members there!

Shout out to my friends and family I grew up with in Long Island New York and Los Angeles/Orange County California

Thank you

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Welcome @Han John Tse to this forum. From what I've seen the main use of drones swams have been to provide impressive light shows. Is that what you are planning on doing or do you have some other use case in mind ?


Richard, A Brit living in Northern California, hobbyist builder and Part 107 certified.

P.S I'm sure that you have seen this 


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