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Here is my workflow.  I get the parcel number, go to the county and print out a map so when I arrive at the site I have some knowledge of the property.  There must be software out there that I can use with my Phantom 3 Pro 4K that could identify the 4 corners of the lot and enable me to fly to the corners so I can give the client a better experience of the aerial view.  Any ideas would be welcome and many thanks!

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You could do it a number of ways.  For example, for many areas, google maps has the property boundaries overlaid on their street map if you zoom in far enough.  Some areas even have polygons representing structures. Using you mouse you can identify the lat/long of each corner.  You can import those into Litchi and (probably other apps) and make waypoints that you can then use on site to position the the aircraft.

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Yes, exactly what Dave said.  Here's an example of a lot where I used Google Earth to get the intro, which showed the property border overlay.  Please excuse the drab sky and wiggly drone movements.  A large rain storm was quickly approaching, and the Tradewinds were kicked up pretty good around 200ft AGL, so I had to make due with what I had.  Spoiled by blue skies and sandy beaches I guess!



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