Greetings from Idaho!

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Hello all,

I’m a beginner pilot. I am currently finishing up a MS GIS degree at Idaho State, specializing in remote sensing (multi/hyper -spectral) and LiDAR data processing. Thus far I have been using spaceborne multispectral imagery and airborne LiDAR data sets, both subject to resolution as the limiting factor (and funding, but that’s a different issue). Mounting these sensors on drones not only solves the resolution problem, but can be tailored to address problems in a verity of fields.

I hope to obtain my part 107 soon and continue this type of research using drones. My current research requires weekly RTK surveys of a landslide south Jackson Hole, and I can’t  stop thinking of how much better/more accurate/easier/fun it would be to run a weekly flight plan and generate Digital Terrain Models of landslide deformation.

anyway, that’s the direction I’m going.

I’m stoked to be here and plan on soaking up as much info as I can!

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Hi, Mdblocker; we have a bit of a similar background (I have a GIS certificate, some remote sensing experience, and an MS in Soil & Water science).  I'm not currently involved in research, but I'd somehow like to be, using drones and remote sensing, without going back to school for another degree! 

The part 107 isn't that tough; just study, I found paying for an online course to be worth my time in setting a curriculum to follow.  You won't have a problem. 

Welcome here!



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