South Florida- MIA and all the class Cs and Ds airports

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Very difficult to do jobs around Miami-i.e. real state shots,etc.How or what, if there is any local Pilots in this FORUM, do you tell customers that they have to wait for the waiver? Tell me any war stories, because everywhere around South Florida there is some kind of airstrip.  How long have you waited to get a GO?  

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First of all, KMIA is already live with LAANC.  It has been since the fall of 2017.  In addition, many south florida atc facilities will go live on Jul 19 with LAANC so that's exactly how I would advise them.  It's not about airstrips, it's about airspace classification.

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i am hoping and looking to find others, with as many drones out there, one would think there would be people that fly them near where I live, I am down in the kendale lakes area, hook up to fly sometimes? let me know, email is>>

I read one person here say tropical park, over by bird and about 75 ave or so? any other areas in southwest dade county?

[oh ya, i own a SG700-D, 720p, two cams, this is my first, so it was the cheapest, but it has a lot going for it. have flown it once and it is smooth, and easy to fly. anyone else own one of those? ]

UPDATE-JAN/25/2019- 800PM, been flying now a few times, did my first video, quality is awesome, will be taking some more tomorrow, SATURDAY. I mean to tell you, for $55 this drone is awesome, smooth and really not too difficult to start learning to fly, and with some of the horror stories that I have read of some losing some expensive drones, if I lost the $55/DRONE, i would not to happy, but i could live with it, much better then if it was one of those, $1400usd ones, oh yes! !!   and yes i did have it fly off on me once already, but it was my mistake, just trying to take it a tad too fast before I learn what I am fully doing. today I even used it with the CELL AP, and I was controlling it with my CELL, now how about that, I am excited, a child in an adult body.....LOL.  I can now say for sure, i love drones!  


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