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Hey guys, so I have been traveling around Europe and tried taking a few aerial shots at night.

So far, this seems like the most successful shot I have which was over at Romania. What do you guys think? I have also been experimenting with different equipment to use with my drone and finally settled on the Sony Alpha 6300 and the Gremsy T3 gimbal. Hope you guys enjoy this shot!



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Great composition but it’s very out of focus. 

Why shoot at night?  What ISO, shutter and f/.stop?  In order to get sharp Aerial images you need to keep your shutter above 1/800 to prevent motion blur and rolling shutter.  Very hard to do at night.  

If your going to shoot at night you might consider a full frame camera like the Sony a7II or the a7rIII. Both have low noise at high ISO.  We have the Gremsy H3 and the T1.  The H3 is very good and lighter than the T3 and the T1 sucks.  The T1 is very finicky and difficult to tune, unlike the H3. 

We decided to for-go the T3 and ordered another H3.  Let me know how the T3 works out.


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