Biggest Challanges for Aerial UAV Services LLC

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The biggest challenge I see starting my new business is the opportunity to get the right marketing materials and how to get out to the masses in the most cost effective way.

I also think that trying to determine the price for the services that I will offer will be a bit tricky with out doing tons of research to see what others are charging for there services and to not be over priced compared to the norm what ever that may be.

I know it will take a lot of ground pounding to get things rolling and to get the right clientele but who said that it would be easy.

I try and talk with everyone I meet when I fly giving them bits and pieces of what our awesome field can bring to them and hand out business cards to help spread the word.

And again what field do you focus on so many possibility's, I guess you just have to get the right niche and what type of flying makes you comfortable to get things going. 

My website is still under development but getting close still need to get some more info on the site for services , cost and clean up my verbiage , plus more photos and videos to make it more complete showing what I can offer, plus make it mobile friendly , I also have a Facebook page linked in my site. I am working to get things completed so I can focus on the marketing my services.

Again @Alan Perlman awesome stuff you have going on here keep up the good work

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Thanks for chiming in with this, @Ronk. It's so great to see where everyone is coming from, what's top of mind, how you perceive your biggest challenges, etc.

When your website is finished (looking great so far!)...what's the next step for you? What does your marketing strategy look like over the next 3-6 months?

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I want to hit the ground with a few different options in the service and videography field , I think a generous amount of people are doing the same, I would like to start with but not limiting myself to anything until the right niche hits... 

  1. Industrial timeline mapping and 3d modeling
  2. I have set up a meeting with my local chamber to discuss doing some historical aerial footage for the city, along with public services fire / police for  aerial video for training scenario's or accident reconstruction. I feel this is something else I will mention when I meet with the chamber. I have put a bug in the ear of one of our firefighters and he seemed to think it would go over great but we shall see when the time comes to meet with the chamber.
  3. Agriculture have a great contact that is a seed dealer that I have talked with about doing some promotional flying when he has a large purchase,   but would like to have a FLIR for this, but $$$$ are a factor
  4. And of course aerial inspection would also be key item.

As you already know the list goes on but these are the top ones I will start to get my feelers out on and in place.


Of course the time I have to do this with my existing job limits me to do these activities to late afternoon and weekends, but will keep on trying to promote my services wherever and whenever I can.  Now that nice weather is upon us it will allow for more flight time also..   

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