Hybrid UAV, finally in Production

Nicola Valenti

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We finally have our hybrid UAV, the HY1000

Wheelbase: 1000mm
No payload weight: 4.5kg (no fuel)
Max take-off Weight: 10 kg
Max speed: 10m/s
Max flight time: Over 4 hours
Voltage: 22V 
Generator output: 1 kw
Generator weight: 1.6 kg
Fuel tank: 1L (Customizable)
Fuel consumption: 800g/H(Max)

An internal combustion engine consumes gasoline and spins a generator to ensure a 22V output. Besides this, a 6S lipo battery package is also installed onboard to offer emergency back-up power for quick climbing and quick maneuvering.

With 1kg payload, the flight time is more than 3 hours, and with 3kg payload like a high-end camera, the flight time will be still more than 1 hour.

Check out it here: www.sandwichdrones.it


Our hybrid drone is powered by the GS1000 Gas Generator


This generator is suitable for UAV systems able to lift 1.6 kg plus the fuel weight, with a maximum power usage of 1KW.

Fuel consumption: 800g/kwh

Generator weight: 1600g

Accessories weight: 150g (backup battery)

Generator dimensions: 21 x 16 x 9 cm 

Can be mounted on standard 12 or 10 mm standard tubes for gymbal support or any other support on REQUEST.

All our carbon fiber parts are CNC made.


You can buy one from here https://sandwichdrones.it/products/gs-1000-hybrid-generator

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