No GPS Data in EXIF File

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We have a pilot that has flown a communications tower for us and he is using a P4P and DJIGo 4.  When we receive his files all the GPS information is gone.  He is sending us the .jpg files straight from his SD Card on his Mac.  He is not processing the files at all and shows a flight pattern in his flight log yet no GPS on the photos.  All the other information is there but no GPS.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Has his photos ever contained gps in the exif?  If yes, then what has changed.  If no, is this a new to him craft. If he's had it for awhile, can he go back and check out some older photos for the data?   Kind of troubleshooting 101.

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Hello Helo, I'm sure that by now you have solved this problem. But as I have just joined the community and just read your post. I thought I would add my two cents. For what it's worth. I have over twenty years in the telecommunications industry, and know that high power transmission towers can knockout GPS when in fairly close proximity. So, it occurred to me that the EXIF file may not show GPS data because it was not working when the pictures were taken. Again, that would depend on how close to the tower the drone was when the pictures were taken. Just a thought! I hope everything is working as it should now!

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