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Hello everyone!!!!


I have been working with a partner, for the last few months on a device that would allow drone technology to be safer, fly farther, and carry larger payloads. We have just completed a patent search and are building a full scale prototype of our device for testing purposes and as a proof of concept model. If successful, we believe our device has the potential to launch the UAV industry into new found territories, especially within the UAV delivery sector. My partner is the primary inventor and leader of this project and would like for us to sell our patent rights to a company who would have the ability to take our device and commercialize it as an add-on attachment or as part of an existing product line to enhance UAV technology.

Our focus mainly lies within UAV delivery services or Agricultural based UAVs. We wish to compile a list of companies who may be interested in our patent rights for this technology. We are looking for companies outside of the well known ones (Amazon, Google, etc.), the “underdogs” if you will. I thought that this would be a great place to start to get input and advice from the community behind this incredible industry!

If anyone knows of any contacts or companies that may be interested, please comment or let me know! I would greatly appreciate any advice you have for me!!!



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I did already post this, sorry about that! An update to the project, we have begun construction of prototype version 3. So far we have done some thrust tests and have successfully generated additional thrust which is exciting! I'm working on customizing the electronics to see if I can increase thrust farther to aid in generating more lift for increased payload capacity. We hope to have a video of the tests within the next few months. We have been exploring alternative designs to this project as well and are working to file a blanket patent for our alternative idea as well.

We are also still looking for possible companies of interest to pitch this invention to. We found a few in the local area, but would like to compile a more comprehensive list. We are currently investigating local companies that focus on precision agriculture, but it's difficult to pinpoint exactly who does that since it is such a niche area. Thanks for the comments!

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