Finding Your Fortune in the Drone Industry

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Thanks for listening to this episode.  I read the book prior to my interview with Allen.  It has a lot of useful tips, and I think the biggest idea is to focus on sales before spending a lot of money on the business infrastructure.  As Allen explains, that's a little counter intuitive to most of us, but I could definitely see where it puts the emphasis on business development right at the start.

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15 hours ago, Alan Perlman said:

Let us know what you think! Looks interesting.

Having now read the book I found that it provides helpful advice to drone enthusiasts before they give up their day job to become a first time entrepreneur in the drone industry. Although the book discusses the typical areas of opportunity in the drone industry the advice could be helpful for any kind of startup. As Randy points out their main emphasis is on sales as they say too many companies make the mistake of ploughing time, energy and money into building the business infrastructure before pursuing sales. Their advice is to have the sales drive the infrastructure rather than the other way around.
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I haven’t read the book but there’s some truth to focusing on the customer and sales first.  There’s also some truth that by there very nature many start-ups focus on customers by the fact that they lack the money and resources to focus on infrastructure even if they wanted to.  

The challenge is if you raise money through investment or sales that you maintain focus on your customer as you begin to build out your infrastructure.  It’s very easy to get caught up in creating your website, advertising, developing products or services, while at the same time loose your focus on your customers. 


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I haven't read this either, but I think it's all about balance. There's no point in focusing on sales and the customer if you don't have the fleet available to deliver on the promise at the required time. So you really need to be working on both concurrently.


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