Our Hobby (in the USA) is under threat!

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As Bruce points out where is the AMA ?

To be fair the AMA did comment on Bruces youtube video stating that they were present in the meeting and although they were not called upon to speak they have influenced the conversation  "behind the scenes".



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Not sure you need to be fair to the AMA, they have become a feckless organization that is more concerned with CYA than protecting 336.  

I like listening to Bruce but he doesn’t understand how politics in the US really works.   I’m not saying he’s wrong and he is probably more knowledgeable than most US citizens, but it’s  not as dire as he makes it out.  

Having said that, I agree, Americans are not willing to stand up for their own civil rights.  The FAA is dividing and conquering and most people seem to think there’s nothing that can be done about it by discussing these issues on forums like this.  

If you choose to discuss the regulatory process online people accuse you of being conspiratorial or having some agenda while they themselves get right back to discussing the latest DJI firmware upgrade and why GEO Fencing doesn’t work when they need it...

Why is it that people from Australia and New Zealand seem to be more aware of what’s going on in the US than most people in the States?  Bruce doesn’t have a dog in this hunt yet just about every week he’s making empassioned pleas to get off our butts and do something about it.  

I feel Bruce’s frustration!  


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He makes some good points. However, he advocates for continuing the distinction between commercial and hobbyists.   It’s that old saying, “divide and conquer.”  That is what the CDA and the FAA are doing.  

The FAA is prohibited from regulating commerce which is why they want to separate hobbyists and commercial operators.  They must go through the NPRM process to devolop policies for commercial UAV’s but they don’t have to meet that standard to regulate hobbyists.  As long as both hobbyists and commercial UAV operators stick together the FAA and members of the CDA have little influence over the hobbyists.  If they are successful at seperating hobbyists and commercial operators then the FAA will over regulate hobbyist to extinction. 

So although his intention for supporting the AMA is good, he’s supporting the wrong organization.  We need a PAC like AOPA, unfortunately that doesn’t exist and we can’t trust AOPA any more than we can the AMA for the reasons he pointed out in the video.  

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