Commercial use of Drones in Canada by US Citizens


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Well, good old Canadians have an answer to my question right here. I should have googled more before I posted the question. If anyone else wonders, here is the full answer to my question:

"As you would be classified as a 'foreign UAV operator,' you will need to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). SFOCs are the primary means to work legally with your UAV in Canada and are administered by Transport Canada's Civil Aviation Regional Offices.

For more information on submitting an SFOC application, please contact the regional office that best corresponds with the region of Canada you intend on operating in.

For more information on Canada's UAV safety guidelines, please visit our Drone Safety website."





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I was wondering about that 'Drone Laws in Canada' page, actually.   I was doing some research in to the laws in Canada, and stumbled on this page.  It seems that the laws in Canada are pretty restrictive when it comes to flying over/near people.  The video that you have at the bottom  of the page has at least two, possibly 3, instances where these laws have definitely been um... bumped up against. 

I realize the main purpose of having the video there is to show what beautiful scenery can be captured there,  and it is beautifully done,  but perhaps you should reconsider the content, since the pilot pretty clearly violates at least one of the laws that you discuss on the page. 

Of course, there may be a system of waivers in Canada, and perhaps those scenes were in compliance, but without that knowledge an uninformed viewer might see this as perfectly ok to do. 



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