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Rylan Loemker

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I opened the DNG in Photoshop's raw converter. At 100% there is some quite noticeable blur.  It looks like motion blur to me - though that's just a guess.  I see you're shooting at 1/500 at ISO 400 F2.8.  You should not be getting motion blur at those settings unless the Inspire was moving quite fast when you shot the image.  There could also be issues with your gimbal or camera mount. What are you using to convert the DNGs to JPEGs?

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I shoot DNG + JPG too on my P3A.  I have never seen a difference in sharpness between the two versions, and I have no idea what would cause the JPGs to be less sharp or blurry.  Can you post a JPG?  It's likely that your camera takes one image and saves it in 2 ways.  It saves it first as a raw image (DNG) then as a compressed image (JPG).  If there is a quality difference, it must be coming from the compression.  Again, I am seeing some blur in the raw file.  Try zooming to 100% or more.  If you find the DNG acceptable, you could save it as a JPG, but I believe you have a larger problem

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