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Hi guys,

Here is a hurdle a ran into while re-doing my website, very curious to see who can give a really good

answer but I have been breaking my head over this. With the variety of services you can offer its tough sometimes

to name all of them. So my site has specific services like real estate photography, but how do you separate

them so that you cover everything but are not too specific so that you appeal to both commercial and residential.

It also does not help there are 10 ways to name the same service like "aerial photography", "drone photography", "UAV photography". Am I over thinking this? 

this is my site

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What's in a name?  What's in a website?

There's obviously more to a good website than a name and it takes more than a website to drive business.

Also, you can't be everything to everyone.  Do you want people to go to your site to learn how to do this for themselves?  Do you want your site to drive business for you to do?  Your site has an identity problem, much of it relates to cameras, drones, how safe they are etc., in a way that makes me think I should get a drone and do it myself.

You talk a lot about your passion for drones, no one cares.  What they care about is what problem do you solve for them that they're willing to spend money to solve.  When your site is full of great examples of how you helped your customer get rich, then people will care about your passion.  A lot of people think a website has to answer the question "WHY should anyone CARE about you?"  Get over yourself, they don't.  

What customers care about is what your going to do to help them and keep in mind that they probably aren't in the drone business which begs the question "why are you?"

You have some nice examples of aerial shots, probably not enough to base the value of your company but its a place to start.  Now, where do you have the most experience so that you when talking to customers they will recognize the intrinsic value in what your offering?  If its real-estate, what do you know about helping a broker market properties?  If its aerial landscape photography can you convince a gallery owner to do a show with your photographs?  They don't care what kind of drone or camera you used.  They will only care about the passion for your craft (that's craft in the artistic sense) if it will help sell your art. 

All we have at the moment is a landing page:  We'll have that until we have enough experience and samples of our work that when people visit our site they will have a clear understanding of what we do, how we do it and when we're finished doing it how that helps them.

Regarding the name, we're Aerial Alchemy:

Alchemy -- alchemy |ˈalkəmē|noun --the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold.  So the idea is that we take data collected using a UAV and convert it into "gold" or save time and money for our customers.  There is no mention of "drones" in our name and we only talk about drones in context of how we use them to accomplish a specific task.  A good carpenter rarely talks about his hammer in context of their finished work.

So here's a demo video of a recent mission where the objective was to autonomously find swimmers in the water, track them, send the location data back to the ship so it can launch another UAV to deliver an EFD to the swimmers.  Sounds easy enough but this level of communication integration between the Navy, Homeland Security, local law enforcement is harder than people think and was the point of the exercise.


Another thing to keep in mind is how much do you want to charge for your services?  Your messaging is one of the biggest determining factors of how much someone is willing to pay you.  If you talk about your $1200 toy drone, how passionate you are about flying it, the fact that you have a $150 certificate, your a hobbyist with a license and will be paid accordingly.  I don't mean to be a jerk, its just there are a ton of questions like this on this forum where people just aren't willing to dive into what it really means to be a "successful" commercial UAV company.  Its that old adage "if it were easy everyone would do it."  Well, everyone is doing it and then coming to forums like this trying to figure out why they aren't making as much as they would like.  

Success can be measured many ways so this isn't an issue of conformity, I'm not trying to talk you into doing what I'm doing, but I am attempting to demonstrate that with some forethought and a little hard work you can develop a value proposition that others will identify with and want to do business with you regardless of price.  Once you get to that point then you get to define your success.


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No!  Don't break you heads about this!!

Firstly, that there are many ways that you can call "aerial photography" is fantastic!   What you do is use these different keywords within your content.  People search for different search terms therefore its very important to use these different keywords .  Google sends its spiders (bots) to read your content and find the words that your potential clients are searching for. So use as many different words(keywords) 'uav photography ', 'drone photography', 'uav aerial photography', 'aerial photography using drones', ' drone videography', 'aerial photography costs', 'aerial photography services etc. sprinkled throughout your content. Content is extremely important.  Using these different keyword terms is how people find you.  Keyword density is an important SEO factor, but its easy to overdo.  Keep it natural.  Ratio would be 1/3%.

Here are a couple of free tools to help you find words (keywords) that people search for in your industry.  -  With the google keyword planner you need to have a gmail account. 

Secondly,   about your specific services.   Under your OUR SERVICES tab  you could have a residential tab and a commercial tab and under those 2 tabs, you put your pages of all of your services, the residential services and your commercial services.   Your potential clients can click on residential tab and find all of your drone residential services from under that one tab for example.  The more pages you build, the more content you create, the more you rank on search and are found by the people and companies looking for your services.

example -  under your Our Services tab you have Commercial photography.  You could instead have under your OUR SERVICES tab your new  Commercial UAV Services tab then under that you would have Aerial Drone photography instead of commercial photography.. and your other commercial services.  You are using many different keywords and that's what you want.  Gosh.. hope this is making sense.  Find a screenshot below..

Your home page is the most important page for your target market (those great people looking for your service) and for google to understand what it is that you do!  You MUST have content on this page!!  You ONLY have images.  Google cannot read images. (you have them alt tagged which is great.. i wont go into that :) )   You need to capture your audience. Tell them about yourselves and your company.. don't wait for them to MAYBE go to your about page! :)   Let them know exactly what you do, how you do it and why they should use YOUR services - instead of your competition! - what solution can you provide.  At least 1000 words!!   Ahhh!! :)  Put this content above 'OUR SERVICES'  images.

Make sure all your images have GPS tags.  As you are a local business in New Jersey its very important . Go here to do this : .  Its very easy to use but if you need help let me know.

A little side thought.   When you write your new content for your home page (HA! well, if you do? :) ) you need to link words or short phrases to other pages , for example.. - UAV pilot - you make a link on those words to maybe your 'Drone inspection' page.   You can do that with a few words on your home page.. link them to other pages.  Another example if you have the word 'contact' on your home page you can link it to your contact page. Its a very simple process. 

Lastly!!  'Your how it works' on your home page.  Use capital letters.. its a little sloppy!!  Sorry!! :)   Go over all of your pages and check for spelling and grammatical errors etc. I didn't!! :)  Get into your content.  Give more.  

That's it.. I have probably bored you to tears!!!

This information is to help you build out your site and rank better in search.  Would be fantastic to be at the top of the search engines for many different types of keywords that your potential customers are searching for, no?

Oh by the way.. the ' What clients say about our services'.   Take that image of reviews and put it on your 'residential photography', 'Drone Inspection and Real Estate photography pages where you have actually mentioned that.  Otherwise they have to go back to the home page to view these reviews.  

I hope this has helped.

Good Luck.


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