DJI Aerial Photo Academy - Reviews? Thoughts?

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There's a DJI Photo Academy coming to town next month. I'm wondering if anyone has been and their thoughts. I'm already certified part 107, but still feel like I could benefit from some of the business parts. Any thoughts? Worth it? Cost is about $175 to go.


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5 hours ago, Alan Perlman said:

There's one in Nashville that I thought about signing up for. Curious what others think as well.

Alan, keep me posted on how you like it if you go.  I thought it would be good exposure so I signed up for the one in Detroit.

Could be a good networking opportunity for you and Drone Pilot Gtound School

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I've been to this class in Minneapolis and it was good. They covered a lot of general drone-related topics, but didn't really go too deep into any of them. I didn't find this to be a place to network, but that's not why I was there either. People came, sat through the morning session, went out for lunch on their own, sat through the second half and left. Personally, I was there for photo editing tips in Lightroom and camera settings. This is more heavy on the photography aspect of drones, camera settings, post-processing tools and less about exactly how to start a business. If you're looking for business specifics and pricing, probably not the place for you. UAV Coach has done some great blog posts about that. 

Here's the gist:
Intro Stacy and Randy and their photography backgrounds
What is a drone? Brief Intro to drones. Public perception.
What DJI drone should you get and what cameras do they have?
Brief talk about how to find drone jobs and what industries are using them and liability insurance.
DJI Go App and other apps for weather and checking airspace before you fly
Basic photography concepts and tips (histogram, light and camera sensors, exposure triangle, camera set up, rule of thirds, proper altitude)
Adobe Lightroom basics of editing photos
Trade organizations you might be interested in joining

Hope this helps!

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