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Isabella | UAV Coach

Yuneec Announces First Ever Voice-Controlled Drone, Mantis Q

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We recently published a breaking-news update on our blog about Yuneec's newest drone, Mantis Q. Read the post here for all the details on Yuneec's announcement, Mantis Q's features, and pre-orders. 

It touts several eyebrow raising features including:

  • Voice control
  • Facial detection and gesture control
  • 33-minute flight time
  • Foldable arms
  • Capture in 4K
  • Indoor and outdoor flying
  • Sport mode

Of these features, voice control is the most exciting new addition. Yuneec is the very first company to integrate voice control into a consumer drone. What do you think about the new drone from Yuneec and its voice control capabilities? 

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14 hours ago, Isabella | UAV Coach said:

What do you think about the new drone from Yuneec and its voice control capabilities? 

Before Yuneec announced the Mantis Q with this feature I was in the process of adding voice control to my DIY drone as an experiment to see if it was a practical way to control a drone. I thought that it would avoid having to take my eyes of my drone to look down at a display that is not that easy to see in daylight. I found that most good voice recognition systems though require an internet connection and that typically causes a delay to translate voice into text. To make sure that the voice command is really the intended one the system would need to ask the pilot for confirmation further delaying the execution of the operation.There is also the effects of background noise and to help with that I was planning to use a headset connected to my ground control station. Maybe the voice commands with the Mantis Q are just for controlling the camera instead of using hand gestures to tell it to take a picture. 


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@Spitfire76 - interesting that you are also working on adding voice capabilities to your own drone. You point out a lot of factors that need to be considered when thinking about the functionality of voice controlled drones. While voice control seems like a good idea in theory, it could create extra hazards if it doesn't work properly or is prone to misinterpretation of commands.  

Yuneec's Mantis Q has a set of voice commands for taking photos, starting video, powering on, taking off, and landing. 

Once the Mantis Q actually gets into the hands of pilots, it will be interesting to read the reviews and get user feedback on the effectiveness of the voice control. 

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