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Got my part 107 Temp Certificate. There's no number, only says "Certificate No Pending" in the top corner. ?


1) Does my number come on the Permanent card only?
2) Can I apply for local LAANCE permissions with my temp, or am I stuck waiting for that number?

3.) I have a drone registered under Hobbiest, do I un-register and re-register in the Part 107 DroneZone? Or can I transfer it somehow.

4.) Do I need to wait for that number to register in DroneZone too?



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I know #1 as I just checked.  Log back in after a couple weeks and your # will be there.

I have the same question for #3.  Just registered my Typhoon H+ on the commercial side and wondering about moving my others.

#4 - no you don’t need your license # to register.

Have fun!

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about a week or so, will take for you to see your license number under the IACRA website, then will take about two weeks for you to get the actual license id.

i think you just need to edit your drone under the registration, if not just remove it and added again now that you are Part 107 licensed.

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My number took only a few days to show up on IACRA, then about 2 weeks to receive the physical license.

If dronezone won't let you edit the aircraft registration, delete and re-register for commercial purposes.

Concerning LAANC, the skyward website says:

To submit an operation for LAANC approval, it must contain the following:

  • An assigned Pilot-in-Command
  • Pilot phone number
  • Start and end date that is within the next 90 days
  • Start and end times comprising a window of less than 12 hours
  • No 0 altitude grids in the area of operation

Skyward LAANC access requires a user’s planned operation to have each of those items in order to submit a request.

Check here for more info on LAANC.

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Thank you everyone! LAANC via Airmap didn't require a number.

Waivers and such I was advised by the UAS FAA Help email to "  Use the word "pending" for your Airmen Certificate number."

I unregistered and re-registered my drone easily with the DroneZone (no 107# was needed). :) THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!!!

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