Part 107 Recurrent Test - PASSED

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Aloha all,

Just wanted to throw a big Mahalo to Alan for the bang-up job he and the crew are doing with UAV Coach.  I crammed for the test using the prep-course for a couple evenings, flew to the Big Island and passed the test today.  I'm proud to add that my score was 100% :)

Very helpful course layout, loved the experience, thanks again for the effort!

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Congrats @JBR LIFE Photography !
I took mine today and passed, however not as stellar of a score as your's, missed 2 for a 95%.

I agree though, the cheat sheet that DPGS put together was instrumental in me getting re-oriented for the test. I even learned me a couple things I either forgot or don't recall learning in the original training's. Thanks @Alan Perlman for extending access to DPGS for past course takers.

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On 8/16/2018 at 10:13 PM, JBR LIFE Photography said:

 I'm proud to add that my score was 100% :)

REALLY!!  You couldn't have received say a 99 so I had a chance to beat you at something!?  

I'm really trying to like you but this kind of thing makes it difficult!  I think I hate you again, I hate all of you guys...

Congratulations everyone.

"I think, therefore I am."  "I am micromanaged, therefore I am not!" 

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