Updating an existing sUAV Registration

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Recently had DJI "repair" my P4 Pro. They sent me a new one. Of course this new one has a new Serial Number which doesn't match the Serial Number I registered previously to get my Certificate of Registration from the FAA. 

Is there an easy way to update that Serial Number online? Not finding anything. Should I simply re-register this as an new drone through the Drone Zone? Probably the case. But I wonder how do I report that I no longer own the original one? I would hate for DJI to recycle the previous drone they ended up keeping, someone buy it and then it crashes or something and they track back that registration number to ME! I know, being a little paranoid but ya never know.......



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Go into your 107 dashboard on https://faadronezone.faa.gov

Open the "Manage Inventory"  on the left, at the right of your uas there is 3 dots, click on that and select "clone"  add your new serial # and save.

Then go back to the old drone (3 dots) and this time select "Cancel" fill in the reason, confirm and save.  That serial # will no longer be registered to you.

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