Generating Business for 3D Mapping and Modeling

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Whats good my fellow UAV Community;

I hope you all are having an AWESOME weekend!!! The reason for my post is because I'm just curious if anyone has any suggestions on how one can go about generating 3-D mapping & modeling business with construction companies, wind turbine companies, and cell phone tower providers. I've tried to get ahold of entities like Verizon's Telecom Dept. but I can't get ahold of anyone. I'm also very interested in trying to work with and provide construction companies and architectural firms with this beneficial service, but I'm not sure what's the best approach to generate this kind of service. Also, what's the best way to get training for 3-D Mapping and modeling? 

Your help and expertise would be appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

Joe C.

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I'm eager to hear anyone's thoughts on this as well.  I literally couldn't give mapping/modeling services away to a local contractor building a nearby fire station.  

Here's some shots from the freebies that I offered and the business didn't want. LCFD 2 Ortho 15 Apr 18.jpg?dl=0 LCFD 2 Ortho 3 Jun 18.jpg?dl=0 LCFD 2 Ortho 30 Jul 18.jpg?dl=0

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What makes you think people need 3D models?  If they do, what make you think you can deliver them?  

I'm not being a jerk here.  There's a reason you can't give that service away, they don't need 3D models because they don't know what to do with them.

Have you heard the expressions Reality Model and Digital Twins?  Why are people interested in them and what purpose do they serve?  

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Valid point.  

This particular construction job is being run from a headquarters in Montana.  Due to costs, they are trying to micromanage the construction schedule and are relying on their local subs to provide construction updates - subs who are financially incentivized to deliver early.  There have already been missteps in material deliveries, inadequate fill, etc.  The entire project is 6 months behind schedule due to poor situation awareness of what is actually going on at the site, hence the value of realtime intelligence of the in situ construction status.  

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Being that I work at an Architectural Design firm, I can tell you we aren't interested in hiring someone to create 3D models via drone because I can pilot my own drone and donate the data to the company. Also, our insurance won't allow the inclusion of data captured on Construction Documents unless its backed by a licensed surveyor. So at best, it will only be used for pre-visualization efforts to do renderings where we use the data captured to produce a ground plane or reference site imagery when developing a concept. Marketing has the biggest use for drones at project close out to get aerial imagery of the project when its completed. Our last couple efforts though have utilized a professional photographer who also happens to fly a drone and adds really good aerial imagery to really good ground based imagery for a complete package. Larger contractors such as McCarthy, DPR, etc. already have internal drone departments and simply buy a DJI phantom/inspire for a specific job and station a drone pilot onsite to collect imagery on a regular basis - usually these projects are worth $100 million in construction costs or more to justify this expense, smaller jobs don't get drone tech.

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