Eager & Ready, but Learning first

James on the Bayou

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Hi, my name is James and I am from Southeast LOUISIANA.

I have owned, flown, crashed and burned a few RC Airplanes over the years and now

have developed an interest in drones and am entertaining the idea of getting Part-107 licensed,

buying an entry-level drone, like a Mavic Pro & perhaps make an attempt at some

photography, videography, and other business aspects that utilize drones.

    I do not currently own a drone........, well, that’s not exactly true, I recently bought a very cheap imitation drone for about $40 which mimics a Phantom-4, but is more of a toy than a drone. It is a cheap alternative to learning to fly a drone and wont feel too bad if it is totaled in a crash.

   At this point, I am looking to learn about sUAV’s, the rules & regs, potential business avenues that I can take and eventually purchasing my first professional, or semi-professional droneand getting to be a good pilot. Then I will focus on the camera and other capabilities. But, I figure I’ll probably save a lot of disappointment if I first become a good dronepilot.

   I have been starting to watch several online videos and forums concerning sUAV’s and the various paths one can take.

Thanks for allowing me to post this introduction and look forward to some funand later on, hopefully some profits. 


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Thanks Alan, great to meet you as well.

As I stated previously, I am carefully examining the drone industry’s various pathways that one can go down.

I don’t quite know the best way to go about beginning to get my foot in the door, so to speak, but I figure I have to start somewhere.

I was thinking of perhaps starting by purchasing a ‘MAVIC PRO’ drone and wanted to get your input on whether this would be a good start drone to begin with.

 Of course, I also have to start training to get Part-107 licensed.

Looking forward eagerly to get started. May be a delay in actually getting the Mavic Pro, but for now, I do own a very cheap Chinese imitation of a Phantom4, but really it can only be classed as a toy.

Thanks again.



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