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FAA Part 107 Recurrent Test Questions (24 Sample Questions Explained)

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We just posted an in-depth answer key to the FAA’s 24 Recurrent Knowledge Test sample questions on the Drone Pilot Ground School blog.

Every twenty four months, you need to renew your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate. So, if you’ve enjoyed flying your drone for commercial purposes these past two years and want to keep on with it, it’s time to get recertified.

We’ve also added two new lessons and three full-length practice exams to our Drone Pilot Ground School Part 107 prep course to help you get recertified. Start studying on our blog

Let us know how this sample Q&A helped you or share your recurrent knowledge test score.

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Just took the recurrent yesterday, and here are a few questions I was given but don't believe were listed (forgive me for them not being worded exactly as on the test):

-Are you able to register your Drone with the FAA if it's registered in a different country?

     *Yes, if it's for a commercial operation

     *Yes, if it's for a hobbyist operation only

     *No, you cannot register in the U.S. if it's registered in a different country

-Is flying under Part 107 a:

     *civil operation

     *public operation

     *(I forget the third option but it was clearly wrong).

-You experienced an emergency situation. What's a good way of knowing you followed the correct procedures?

     *Ask your VO

     *A checklist

     *The ntsb manual

There were about 3 or 4 questions about cfr part 48 I wasn't expecting because I fly part 107, but I believe I got right due to common sense.

I missed 2 questions on the test, so JUST IN CASE I was wrong, it's best I don't give the answers I chose!

The list they posted on this site is extremely accurate, as I had most of those questions. MOST questions were about reading charts in the book... Airspace & determining max flight altitudes of objects around airports. I'll post more if I can think of them. Hope this helps.

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