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Let me start by apologizing ahead of time for anything I say that you might find offensive..

you have a lot there to work with.  Your aerial is very good, you have some great shots but remember the goal of these videos should be to sell the property.  In context of that, there are areas that you could improve on that would make a significant difference.

Editing - there’s no right answer here but generally for these video to be effective they need to move along, many of your shots are too long and really slow down the pace of the video.  It takes too long to show enough variety of what buyers might be interested in. 

Architectural Photography - get a good camera.  Your exposures are all over the place. In high contrast, the windows are blown out and the interior is dark.  These are very challenging situations to shoot in which is why the time of day you shoot and the techniques you use are important.  Rember your not producing a motion picture, it’s more about communicating the essence of a home, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix stills with video to get better shots in the high contrast areas.  

Color grading - it’s very distracting to see mixed lighting, indoor, outdoor and tungsten that cause the colors to be so far off.  Your videos will be much more appealing if the colors were consistant. 

Sharpness - for the ground shots get a real camera with good quality lenses.  

It’s easy to look at others work and pick it apart on the technical merits and I’m aware that’s what I’m doing.  However, the hardest part is building a profitable business.  It would be comparatively easy to improve on the things I’ve pointed out that will help differentiate your work from others and lead to a more profitable outcome.  So you’ve done the hard part.  

I’d recommend studying the many examples of property videos in this thread and see if you can take the things from the videos you like and figure out a way to incorporate them into your own videos.  

keep up the good work and let us know how it goes.  If you have specific questions on any particular technique there are plenty of people on this forum I’m sure would be happy to help.

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OMG that backyard!  We're looking at a flagstone patio right now and I'm going to show that to the landscaper for ideas.  

I liked what you did very much and I appreciated the skill you showed in getting some of the shots.  One thing that can help smooth out your video even more is to shoot in 60p and slow it down in post to 30p or 24p (whatever you are publishing in).  

My only other critique would be length. Exterior-only videos are tough, but you did a really good job of mixing things up while still having a logical flow.  

Nice work!

- Matt 

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