Starting a Profitable Drone Business Training ?

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I recently received a flyer in the regular paper mail from this company.

They are running a 3 day drone training class in my local city on how to start a profitable drone business. I imagine that they got my name and address from the FAA database. The cost of the 3 day training is discounted to $199 from $499. I guess that's not bad for 3 days of training if its useful but even if I needed that training I would be really put off by their "get rich quick"  marketing technique.

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Yah, I haven't heard great things about the event, but I also haven't gone through it myself so can't really weigh in. If you end up going, let us know if you think it's worth it. $199 for 3 days of training — just that price point I mean — seems kind of gimmicky / something is off about that. I've heard it's a big pitch for their much more expensive service.

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