Mavic Pro 2 (with or w/o zoom) vs Phantom 4 Pro

Tom C

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I am contemplating a drone purchase and am having a difficult time determining the value of the P4 vs M2.  From information seen, it seems the M2 has as many or more features than the P4P.  I have never operated either one but would be interested in perspectives of this group. 


Is M2 considered just a hobby drone? What can you do with the P4P that you can't with the M2? Does the P4P provide additional flexibility (other cameras, thermal imaging, etc). 


Also, is the P4 series about to be superceded with the next gen P5?


Thanks in advance.



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We have both the P4 Pro and the new Mavic 2 Pro. We have logged a few hours on the Mavic but haven't tested all "features".  I would say the Mavic's camera meets or exceeds the P4P camera as far as quality and features.  I wouldn't consider the Mavic just a hobby drone at all.  It's very quick and nimble in flight.  And it's the one that travels with us as the drone, remote, extra batteries and whatnot can be carried in a bag that is less than a quarter of the size the P4P requires. 

Medora ND Pano


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