Three Key Insights from the Skylogic 2018 Drone Market Report

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Skylogic Research has just released the results of their third annual drone industry benchmark survey in it’s newest report, the “2018 Drone Market Sector Report.”

The report yields 10 key insights that summarize the current state of the industry, plus detailed analyses of drone adoption by businesses and enterprises.

Among the many insights in the report, three are especially worth highlighting:

  • Fleet sizes are small, and the number of commercial drone flights is lower than most think. Despite the hyperbole that hundreds of thousands of drones are in the airspace at the same time, the survey finds that the average commercial user has just two drones. Most perform only two projects per month, and most of those operations involve less than three flight hours.
  • The commercial market is slowly shifting to more expensive drone aircraft. One-third of purchases in the last 12 months were for aircraft costing over $2,000. That’s up from last year.
  • As expected, DJI continues to dominate the market, with a 74% global market share in sales across all price points. DJI has made gains this year in every category from drone aircraft at all price ranges, to add-on payloads, to software.

Learn more about the report and how to gain access to all 10 key insights here.

What do you think of three key takeaways we've shared here? If you've taken a look at the full report, what other findings about the drone industry did you find interesting or surprising? 

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The report really has no wow information. The fact that DJI dominates the market, is a  "no dud" reaction

I will purchase a report than not only talks about :how to market drone services but include specific projects performed, fees charged, type of UAV used to perform a task , etc. Only 2 projects per month in your report can hardly sustain a business. What is needed is a project bidding system. Too much hype, short on specifics and lack of ascertaining the flying skills of a Pilot are elements that must be addressed by drone manufacturers to justify the increase in pricing of  their drones and a assessment of indirect businesses such as yours, that can show how pilots can benefit from buying your services .

What say You?

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There used to be a saying, whatever it is -“It isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”  Well,  now reports aren’t even on paper..  

the reason this type of report is mostly worthless is because the sources they use to collect the data.  Collecting opinions is worthless.  It should not be about what others are doing but about what they are accomplishing. 

People who are accomplished rarely, if ever, participate in this type of research.  I’m not going to tell some survey how many missions we fly, who we fly them for, or how much we charge.  For anyone familiar with me knows it’s not because I don’t want to share my experiences, I’m just not going to do it in another worthless survey.  Ironically if I did participate it might actually influence something.

A lot of people are looking for information to help them be successsful in the “commercial drone” industry.  Trouble is, there is no commercial drone industry.  So people can claim DJI is the industry leader in a market that doesn’t exist.  There is the commercial application of drones and that application should not be measured by number of units sold but by what our customers are able to accomplish with the data collected by a UAV.  If that were the measure of success then DJI is not the leader.  

Also, when you read about the failure of Airware, what drones did they eventually start using?  DJI.  Measure and 3DR uses mostly DJI they will probably fail for the same reasons.  It’s not that Airware failed because of DJI, but they bailed on developing hardware and DJI exacerbated the problem.  If it were what they and all the sycophants claimed they might not have failed.  

This was mostly useless information about drones.  If people want to be successful in this industry then they need to understand that although the UAV is an enabling piece of the puzzle you need to know what the puzzle is.   It would be a good idea to start talking about remote sensing, why it’s important and what does it mean to digital engendering?  



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