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I live about 20 miles north of Portland, Or. I'm mostly retired though I run a small web agency that specializes in building secure WordPress websites. I am an experienced photographer. Initially I was thinking a drone would be a great way to add to my photo and video skills, but now I'm open to other business opportunities. In an earlier life I spent several years assisting the Pierce County Sheriff's department with search and rescue operations. Maybe there's a job for a drone in SAR.  I want to explore what's possible.

I recently bought a slightly used Mavic Air with the intention of using it as my "training drone." Once I build some reasonable flight skills I will start studying for the FAA Part 107. After a bit of time proving I can make money at this, then I'll go shopping for a bigger drone, possible a Mavic 2 Pro or a Phantom 4 Pro 2. 

So, I'm here to learn as much as I can. And if there are any of you that are in my area, I would love to meet up and do some flying together. 

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Hi @DavidRansier

Welcome to the UAV Coach community forum. This is a great place to network with other pilots and learn more about the industry. 

You might be interested in our Public Safety/Emergency Services forum category, where you can learn more about drones for search and rescue missions. If you decide to go the route of opening your own drone business, also check out the Business Advice forum category. 

I look forward to getting to know more about your experience with drones. Enjoy the forum!

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