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Zacc Dukowitz

The NFL Makes a Case for Counter Drone (CUAS) Programs

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In the last few weeks the NFL has been taking the lead in calling for more restrictions on drones to help keep fans safe at sporting events—Cathy Lanier, the NFL’s Vice President for Security, recently gave testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in which she shared that the NFL has recorded about a dozen rogue drones at stadiums during games in 2018 alone.

But given that federal laws don’t allow local law enforcement officials or private citizens to take action against drones, even when they’re being flown illegally, finding a solution is not going to be simple.

Read our article to learn more about what Ms. Lanier said, and to see what the NFL is proposing to keep fans safe from "malicious" drones at sporting events.

Also, chime in here with your thoughts—how can we prevent rogue drones at public gatherings, and what should federal and local authorities do to keep people safe in these situations?

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How many football games are being played on Saturday and Sunday?  And she claims that they've reported  twelve?  

What's the bet these drones were being flown by people at tailgate parties in the parking lot.  Doesn't make it legal but I would hardly characterize them as a "rogue" drone or a threat.

You can't legislate stupidity.  Even if they had counter measures there would still be idiots flying drones where they shouldn't be.  I'm not defending people who do this but for the NFL to make these claims is a bit disingenuous.  Why don't they stop people from drinking at tailgate parties?  Or at the stadiums?  How many people do you think leave those stadiums intoxicated and drive home?  Twelve?  


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