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Isabella | UAV Coach

FAA Approves Flight Over People w/ Parachute System

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The pros and cons of sUAS parachute systems are debated heavily in the drone community. Drone pilots are particularly concerned with the possibility of a false deployment of a parachute system. However, with the recent publication of ASTM International standards for sUAS parachutes, they may become a more attractive option for drone operators who wish to fly over people.

Plus, the first ever FAA waiver for sustained operations over people with a parachute system was granted to North Dakota operator, Botlink, just last week. Learn more about their operations in our recent article "Drone Parachute Systems Provide a Path to Flights Over People."

We also share a few of our favorite parachute brands. As we mentioned, thoughts on parachutes in the drone community vary—some strongly supporting and others vehemently opposing. I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences with parachute systems below.  

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@Isabella | UAV Coach - interesting subject, check out the last few posts in this thread from earlier this year.

I don't have experience with using a parachute system but I did watch a failed demo earlier this year. It looked like the drone had  insufficient altitude and so the chute did not have time to fully deploy but it did show the audience what a drone looks like when crashing to the ground. 

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