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Marcos Duran

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Hello to anyone who opens posts by new members! I'm excited to get involved in this online community and read and learn as much as I can! There seems to be an endless fountain of information to learn on this technology and FAA regulations, and quite frankly its a bit overwhelming. I'm hoping this forum helps me collect information to organize the most relevant aspects of the industry. I plan on using my DJI Mavic Air and Parrot Bebop 2 for Real Estate, and in the future hopefully creating media content for marketing other company's products and services. Before I drone on and lose any of you I'll finish this post by asking a few questions that hopefully some of y'all might have insight on.

1) What subjects do people find most difficult to grasp when it comes to flying quad-copters commercially? (Laws, Contracts, Notams, sectional charts, etc.) 

2) Where do y'all recommend looking for contracts, contract structure?

3) What are the best free apps for information, and where do y'all find the best news on industry changes?


Thanks  to anyone who takes the time to respond! This is my favorite hobby, and I look forward to apply my skills in a commercial setting! 

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Welcome to the forum.  

I think that what’s beginning to differentiate this forum from many of the other UAV related forums is it’s general focus on the commercial application of UAVs. Most other UAV forums focus on the DIY aspect of UAVs, where UAV Coach is more about the application of the UAV. 

Like any forum, you get out of it what you put into it.  Also like any other forum there will be people whose style or approach to problem solving appeals to you and others that don’t.  The key to a getting sound advice is in how you express your questions.  

Theres good information spread across a lot of different categories.  Sometime it can be a little difficult finding the right thread but this site has a pretty good search function.  

Since your interested in real estate there’s a lot of discussion in that thread.  It’s one of the more active discussions: 

To directly, or indirectly answer your questions, starting a business that uses UAVs as part of its value proposition is no different than starting any other business.  No different than starting a trucking business for example. 

I realize people don’t agree, but there is no UAV industry, there are industries that use UAV’s to solve problems in the industry their already doing business.  If you want to become successful in the real estate market then you need to be in that business, leveraging relationships, the same contracts, etc that help you integrate the use of UAVs in that business, not the other way around. If all you want to do is be paid to produce property videos then your a production company and need to know all the contracts that relate to commercial photography, video production, talent and property releases etc..  Aside from your 107 certificate there’s nothing that different because your using a UAV.  

I’m sure others will chime in on your questions. 

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