How Journalists are Using Drones in War Zones: An Interview with International Aerial Photojournalist Gail Orenstein

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Drones have enabled journalists to capture stories with a new perspective and enabled them to cover stories that were previously out of reach or too dangerous to cover in the field. We met with photojournalist Gail Orenstein to learn how she incorporated drones into her storytelling career.

Gail has been a photographer for over 20 years and has been using drones as part of her reporting toolkit for the past three years. She has traveled, often on her own, to 84 countries. Her recent work has focused on drone journalism in conflict zones. Her work has been distributed worldwide by international news outlets including CBS News, The Guardian, The Chicago Tribune, Mashable, Washington Post, TIME, The BBC, The Telegraph, and many more. 

Read the interview to learn about Gail’s experiences traveling with her drone and using it to document stories in places like Ukraine, Iraq, and Georgia. Gail shares with us how drone laws differ around the world compared to drone laws in her home, London. She also gives us advice to share with those who want to use drones in journalism.

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