Phantom 4 Pro V2 or Mavic 2 Pro

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Help needed! I am suffering paralysis by analysis. I am buying my first drone after getting my part 107 certificate. Should I buy the Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro V2? I have very little experience with post processing, so this is making the decision even harder. I will be signing up to do missions with DroneBase, as well as some other side opportunities for photography and videography. My primary concerns are camera quality and required post processing work. The Hasselblad naturally produces warmer colors, but tends to have fisheye distortion (which I only can assume is harder to remove in post processing). The Phantom 4 Pro has a higher fps, but produces a more bland colored video. Can this be countered in post processing to add warmth without reducing video quality? 

Here are my concerns with each:

Mavic 2 Pro: 

  • Fisheye effect with camera
  • Only 30 fps (vs 60 with Phantom)
  • More susceptible to wind due to light weight
  • Airframe doesn't seem as flexible or interchangeable as Phantom

Phantom 4 Pro V2

  • Washed out colors (compared to the warmth produced by Hasselblad)
  • Lack of portability

So, Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro V2? 

Thanks in advance!

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If your going to be doing mapping then go for the P4P as it’s got a mechanical global shutter that will improve accuracy slightly and just give better results.  


Both with provide near identical footage with the P4P just stepping a head in detail but it’s minor.  As a drone for commercial use between the two of take the P4P as size should be less of an issue, but you won’t get far wrong with both.  

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If you go with the Phantom 4 Pro V2...make sure not to get the V2+ as it's not compatible with third-party (mapping) apps like Drone Deploy:

Image quality (and most other specs) are extremely close. P4P is slightly better for mapping. You can't go wrong with either.

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No matter what you fly or shoot (stills or video) post processing is an integral part of the process. So be prepared to learn Photoshop, Luminar, Lightroom or ON1 Photo Raw (stills) and Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro X for video. I find it extremely exciting to expand the horizon of what my camera can do, much like how much more your eyes see beyond what the sensor sees and reaching the final product with their utilization.

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