DJI Replaces Airmap with PrecisionHawk to Launch New GEO System

Isabella | UAV Coach

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DJI recently announced their new partnership with PrecisionHawk to improve their geofencing technology. Leveraging PrecisionHawk’s Low Altitude Traffic and Airspace Safety (LATAS) platform, DJI will be able to refine airspace limitations for drone flights near airports. These updates to DJI’s geofencing technology will provide smarter protection for manned and unmanned aircraft in critical areas and clarify restrictions.

The new system, Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) Version 2.0, will allow DJI to create detailed three-dimensional “bow tie” safety zones surrounding runway flight paths, and to use complex polygon shapes around other sensitive facilities, rather than just simple circles. These new restrictions better reflect the actual safety risk posed in those areas, while allowing more flights to the side of runways where risk is substantially lower.

The updated GEO 2.0 system will be phased in starting next month when the revised zones will take effect for airspace around airports in the United States. Upgrades in other regions will follow in due course. DJI customers should update their DJI GO 4 flight control app and aircraft firmware to ensure these improvements are implemented.

Learn more: "DJI Refines No-Fly Zones Around Airports and Elects PrecisionHawk over AirMap as New Provider of Airspace Data"

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