Matrice 200 with XT2 workflow request

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I’m not going to disagree with a lot there Av8 and just to be clear I am a CAA licenced commercial operator in the Uk with full PFCO Incliding having osc’s from the standard permission and I’m am also very affected by this my self due to the restriction with in congested areas.  

Iv I’ve spend a large part of the last 24 hours getting my head around what this means for my self and other comercial users in the Uk and helping them understand that and yes it’s far from ideal and it’s a bit of a nightmare but I’m also extremely experienced in product failure and very public issue like this, I do  understand and sympathise on how complex and difficult these things can be, there are times things are caused by companies own hardware and firmware and there are times when it causes by 3rd parties and no amount of prevention can stop that, the Samsung battery thing was an exsample of that, sometimes things just happen, no one wants it and certinally no one likes. 

Its not good and it’s going to cause issues but DJI know that and right now it is what it is, while you may think these comments are because it’s DJI but it’s really not it’s because of my experance in dealing with these kinds of things for well over 10 years, no matter if it’s a car, copter or the titanic failure is a fact of life and will happen, not every bug can be caught up front, not every failure can be predicted until it happens. 

A clasic was the NATS Server failure in the UK a few years ago where the entire UK airspace system went down grounding every flight due to a bug in the software, the backup server came up and went down again straight away with the exsact same bug beciase it was in place in both system with the exsact same set of circumstances at play, it had never been seen before and never happened, it was both unpredictable and largely unpreventable, the government went nuts but what can you do really in that case?  

What happens next is as important as what happened before and as the CAA are involved you can be sure DJI are doing everything in its power, this is the first time we have seen the regulator get involved and it’s going to be interesting moving forward with any kind of failure to see how they continue to react, no drone is fully redundant as we are far from being at manned aviation standards for the reliability but then we are far from that cost factor too.

We would both agree that perhaps these things should cost 10x as much and have that aviation level of reliability but the larger question is can the industry sustain that when you have a race to the bottom for pricing, Hell I was old I was too expensive just the other day when I quoted £130 for a single aerial image of a property around the corner from my home, the only reason I quoted so low was I could have walked there and I would not have to have spent much time doing the site survey as I know the area very well, it’s a no win really it really is and a very interesting subject how far down it will go in the end.


Anyway my goal was simply to provide the requested info, I know you and we realry see eye to eye and that’s for many reasons, here and now I’m simply try to help the guys affected if I can and see where it goes. 


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The Pilot App is now listed however it aspears it’s only for M2E today. I was told it would support the M200 and it’s been confirmed it will but the release today only has M2E support I’m being told . I cant confirm this my self but if you download it you can double check.  


Sorry the info info we were originally given was full support but it seems they have not put that in yet, this weeks things may have changed that.  

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No Pilot app yet for Matrice on iOS.  I am using the xt2pro app, which works ok.  The XT2 thermal camera is awesome!  Flir has been very helpful with questions. DJI ‘help’ has been utterly dismal!  Phone and online help have very poor understanding of the battery issues.  In fact, I just had to replace my recently replaced 2 new batteries!  I just got the replacements last week, after waiting more than 2 weeks.  When I spoke with the DJI staff on the phone Ed that I expect the 6-month warranty to start when I actually get working batteries, he said that is not the case and warranty goes back to original purchase.  That makes no sense at all!  So, after being disconnected with DJI phone help, I wrote to DJI support about the issue.  I will let you know what I find out.  I urge others with product quality issues right from the start to request that warranty starts when working product is received. 

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