Iceland with DJI Mavic Pro and iPhone XS!

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Hey everyone, 

I am new to this community, but did pass my Part 107 this past January using UAV Coach materials.  I have a film business in Abilene, TX and we have just surpassed our 1 year anniversary.  We do mostly weddings, but have done a few corporate vids, and recently, we traveled to Iceland.  I made an Iceland film and just wanted to share here on the forum.  I have just launched a youtube channel and am hoping to get into more short films, as well as, increasing drone usage in my films.  I wish I would have upgraded to the Mavic 2 before this film, however, I am still pleased with a lot of this footage. Let me know if you like the film and follow me on social media and youtube if you desire! Also, hit 4K if you have the capabilities!


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Just to jump in here.  Really enjoyed the Iceland vids - I was there in May and was so impressed with the beauty and the great people.  It's almost as if they are just oblivious to the rest of the world and good for them!  But for @James Quick re drone laws, while I was there by accident I found a DJI corporate store in Reykjavic, one of only a handful in the world, and had a chat with a guy there.  First of all, their laws are similar to USA regs as I recall.  In addition, he told me that the rules are regularly violated and there is little to no enforcement.  It sounded to me like use common sense and have fun.  Iceland provides magnificent scenery to shoot.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone! Iceland restricts drone usage at the most popular tourist sites.  I, basically, drove along the highways until I found something I wanted to film and stopped at a pull-off area, set up my drone, and flew.  The black beach scenes were at a very popular area, but I tried to keep people out of the footage.  I almost lost my drone there as the winds were 40-50mph, but I had to get the footage.  It was breathtaking.  There were no signs in those areas restricting usage.  Still, this was only the southern/southwest part of Iceland, which is the most frequently visited, so next time I hope to film western and northern Iceland, as they are much more remote and have less tourists.  Timing of the year is key too as summer is the busiest.  Winter is great scenery but roads may be closed due to winter storms.  All in all, it was an incredible experience.  If you get the chance to go, do it.  It's a videographer/photographer's dream.  

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