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PrecisionHawk Acquires Uplift Data Partners, Expands Services for Construction Vertical

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Drones are transforming the construction process by decreasing the need for lengthy visual inspections, reducing planning time, and improving worker safety. To build on their construction services, PrecisionHawk has recently acquired Uplift Data Partners—their fifth acquisition in nine months.

The trend of acquisition and consolidation within the drone industry highlights the rapidly evolving market and the race between entities to build scale and become the market leader.

PrecisionHawk’s acquisition of Uplift comes less than a week after Delair announced their acquisition of Airware. Both PrecisionHawk and Delair are on the path to become market leaders as they continue to grow internally and through acquisitions. Through acquisition, PrecisionHawk and Delair continue to build scale to continue meeting the needs of multiple market sectors, including agriculture, mining, construction, energy, utilities, oil and gas, transportation, security, and emergency services.

Read the article: "PrecisionHawk Announces 5th Acquisition in 9 Months, Drone Industry Continues To Expand Services to Construction Vertical."

What do you think about PrecisionHawk purchasing Uplift? Share your thoughts on PrecisionHawk's latest acquisition and the trend of acquisitive growth in the drone industry in below. 

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