Iphone vs Ipad OS?

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Good morning,
I recently received a warning screen on my phone when I turned my Mav Pro on, that DJI would soon no longer support anything requiring upgrades, older than IPhone 10. I ONLY use my drone with my iPhone and use it ONLY for flying cell towers for work. For a number of reasons not worth getting into, upgrading to an IPhone 10 is NOT an option, but purchasing an Ipad is, but without a data plan (wifi capable only). My final product each day is ONLY short 5 to 10 minute videos of the towers and equipment up close. This brings me to a couple questions:

If I waltz into Best Buy and buy an ipad, are there any features or things I need to know in which to choose? (I'm asking here because I imagine the Best Buy sales people aren't regular drone experts/users)
 Will whichever ipad I choose be the equivalent of what DJI is stating about an iPhone 10? Meaning, will the OS of said ipad not become obsolete or outdated soon also?

I see there are many options for Ipad adaptors for the RC holder. I really have never minded flying using only the small iPhone screen, but I imagine a larger viewing screen would be an improvement. Is it really going to make that much of a difference between an ipad mini and regular ipad? Is a regular ipad cumbersome to hold with the RC, or am I overthinking it?

I only get one shot to make the proper purchase of an ipad and accessories so I'd like to know your thoughts first.


Best regards,



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