Argha Sen

Tracking Drone Orientation with multiple GPS receivers

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Hi I am part of a research team where we are looking for a research project on Tracking Drone Orientation with Multiple GPS Receivers.
We have followed some research papers where actually they have done that but not yet implemented that technology in modern day flying drones.
For most of the drones IMU failure is a major issue. Instead of IMU we can also have multiple GPS to track the drone orientation and map that data as IMU sensor data and feed it to the flight controller. We will be using 4 GPS modules connected to a Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi will process all the GPS data to get drone orientation and will map that data as IMU data and feed it to Flight Controller. My questions are

1. Is is it possible to connect multiple GPS devices to Raspberry Pi at a single time as all GPS modules will serially communicate with PI and there is only one rx tx available in Pi?

2. Can we use Pixhawk flight controller in our case. If not which flight controller we should use?

3. We are looking for some flight controller where we can also do some modification in it according to our research. So which flight controller should I use in that case?


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